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Prophetic Word for the national church |
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Prophetic Word for the national church

April 3, 2021

Prophet Williams – God is taking us through this purging process. God is desiring to elevate the church and the voice of the church in this nation because so much is happening around us that is trying to influence the direction of the church. I believe God is bringing greater sanctification, greater purging to the church because there is a need for the church to arise, to come to the dimension in which God has spoken and revealed. I’m sensing God is going to put the church on a platform to the give answers to the various things that are happening in our nation.

Prophetess Chappell – It’s time for us to be real. If the manifestation of the Spirit, the words of the prophet, and the people of God come to past, then it binds up the lie of the enemy in the ears of the people that God will have serve Him and bring in. The harvest.

Prophetess Denise – A time of reconstruction and transition. Transitioning us from lackadaisical stage that prophets have been in. I see God transitioning people in and out of position who don’t have the heart of the pastor. God is moving stagnation away and bringing in more stability to the ministry and bringing in people are willing to learn and [be] taught. He’s bringing in more of the unchurched people. The heart of the people is more focused on getting the unchurched in those numbers. God is changing the heart of the people there longing to see the ones who are lost. God is going to use the mouth of the prophet to declare things and change economic systems. The mouth of the prophet is going to be used for this dispensation we’re in to actually use the power and authority to change the economic and environment system even in the government. The things we’re putting into the airwaves are going to become reality. we’re moving back into reality. As prophets we need to declare what we want to see because God is going to back it up.

Apostle Thomas – There’s a snake in BLM. Just like with Eve, it’s sending two messages. It’s subtly sending a message we’re not paying attention to. We as Black people need to shake ourselves because the enemy is using us to forward his message. If we don’t shake ourselves and prophesy, there’s a voice that’s around BLM. It’s attacking the church, if we’re not careful, that voice will become the greater voice. There’s a spirit of deception, there another voice besides the movement that’s releasing something in the atmosphere. Pastor Morolong saw the voice/spirit on the children. We can’t allow ourselves to be used to put forth another message. We have to be careful not to intertwine with a lie.

Charmaine says she keeps hearing there’s miracles coming to the nation. I heard a disagreement, and then what followed was unity. Something has shifted from disagreement to unity.


May 5, 2021

Prophetess Denise – I hear God saying that this is a season of rest, He is removing a lot of worry and anxiety. Rest knowing that God is in control. In this next season God is going to open up doors that have been put on the shelf. I hear God saying entrepreneurship, some business plans that people have forgot about God is going to bring it back with some strategic plans. There were some basic things missing in the plan, but God is going to give direction on how to correct those things. Some books are going to be coming out of some of you, God said go ahead and keep writing and He will give a way of organizing the book.

Apostle Chappell – Be still and know that I am God. There are some doors that are about to open, there’s a move of God that we have not seen. He will show himself might and powerful. Get to a point where we sharpen our senses and then boldly speak and do what He asked of us.


July 7th 

God says he’s putting a new flame that shall burn continuously through the prophetic. A flame that shall reach beyond regions. God says a universal flame that shall shift the nation’s that shall shift the nation’s. Shall bring an inheritance shall bring a glory. Our reverence back unto him, like never before God says, This is my time. I am doing this.

He is even shifting us as prophetically shifting our minds. He’s turning us new, he says do not be afraid. Because you’re rising up until the fullness of him.

I heard in the spirit rumble rumbling occurring in the spirit. And I heard the Lord say that there that he’s shifting the atmospheres. And I’m hearing and I’m sensing by the Spirit.

As we move throughout the remainder of this year, that there’s going to be some unusual more unusual weather patterns that we’re going to experience that God is going to cause to happen, in our atmosphere and the Lord has said that this is as a sign because I am shaking some things up in the spirit, and I am causing the hearts of people to turn back to me for they’re going to seek out my church they’re going to seek out my people, for I am in this moment, making ready a people who can carry my glory, who can demonstrate my power, I am making ready a people who are not afraid who will stand in their place and in their position, and they will proclaim what I show unto them for what I show shall come to pass says, The Spirit of the Living God. For I am causing this revival to occur, says the Lord for the revival is here the revival is now, and I am making you ready for such a time as this says the Spirit of the Living God.

I am sensing by this spirit that there is a mighty move that there are signs and wonders that show flow that shall be raw, even in the midst of us, says the Lord and God says, hold not your peace, but I am saying, for I am going to bring exactly what I said I’m going to do to pass, says the Lord.